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Painting Plastic Has Just Gotten Easier

For the do-it-yourselfer, it's a dream come true. If you ever considered plastic home and garden items such as resin lawn chairs, children's toys, planters and mailboxes "unpaintable," you were right. Those slick plastic surfaces had to be sanded and primed or the paint would puddle on the surface. Even then, when the project was dry, the paint often peeled off in sheets. Plastic has been a tiger that couldn't change its stripes -- until now.

A technological breakthrough from KrylonŽ, a leading spray paint manufacturer, is now making painting plastic simple. New Krylon FusionŽ is a no-sand, no-prime spray paint that bonds securely to all kinds of plastics and dries to a beautiful, durable finish. 

Whether color-coordinating a set of patio pots, revitalizing a weathered lawn chair or renovating a plastic playhouse, the paint promises a factory-like finish that is safe for children. It applies easily to a range of surfaces including PVC, vinyl, resin, ceramic, glass, tile, wood, metal, wicker and other hard-to-bond-to surfaces, resists chipping and fading and doesn't peel.

Justin Kalvitz, product manager, Krylon Retail Products says, "In 2001, 101 billion pounds of plastic resins were produced in the United States, according to American Plastics Council industry statistics. With plastic resins replacing wood and metal for items ranging from shutters and fences to mini-blinds and deck furniture, the need for a paint that applies easily to plastic surfaces, and adheres reliably, is clear."

Kalvitz says consumers participating in market research were so enthusiastic when they saw the finish produced by Krylon Fusion, they immediately began talking about where they would use it. The new spray paint creates endless opportunities to personalize with color or to revitalize faded or stained plastic items that otherwise would be tossed on the trash heap.

Available in a palette of 16 shades ranging from primary colors and traditional hues such as Hunter Green and Burgundy to trendy, decorator shades such as Blue Hyacinth, Buttercream and Honeydew, the spray paint offers new ways to infuse home and garden accents with color and style.

Imagine transforming a faded and worn garage-sale playhouse into a splashy red fire station using Red Pepper, or a pastel palace using colors such as Fairytale Pink and Dover White. Or use River Rock, a neutral, contemporary shade, to turn a simple Adirondack chair into a subtle decorating accent. Brighten up a faded plastic fence, or be inspired by the look of hand-painted home furnishings, using stencils to enhance plastic patio pots, planting tables and more. Even those icons of the 50s, pink plastic yard flamingos, can have a new coat of colors.

When spray painting with Krylon Fusion, use newspapers to protect surrounding areas and work in a well-ventilated space. For best adhesion, wipe down surfaces to be painted with a standard paint thinner, and follow all directions on the aerosol can. The spray paint dries to touch in 15 minutes and achieves maximum adhesion in one week.

The Krylon line includes a wide selection of paints and paint-related products for indoors, outdoors or around-the-house. For more information, call (800) KRYLON or (800) 457-9566 or visit the Web site at www.krylon.com 

IT'S EASIER THAN EVER to revitalize plastic tables and chairs with a new spray paint that adheres to PVC, vinyl, resin, ceramic, glass, tile, wood and other hard-to-bond plastic surfaces, and resists chipping, fading and peeling.

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