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Laminate Ceilings Impart Warmth of Wood to Any Room

(MS) - Homeowners wanting to add the warm, natural look of wood to any room in their house no longer have to look down at the floor. They can now look up ... at the ceiling. The reason: the introduction of laminate ceiling planks. Called WoodHaven, the planks are manufactured by Armstrong and feature easy do-it-yourself installation and a tough, pre-finished laminate surface.

The planks measure 5 inches wide by 78 inches long by 3/8 inches thick, and are now offered in eight colors, including beech, warm cherry, natural maple and both light and warm knotty pine.

According to Jeff Johnson, vice president of marketing for Armstrong, the ceiling planks are the first to offer a wood-grain look that competes with both the appearance and the feel of other wood options, but with the added benefits of a durable, laminate product.

He also notes that there are currently no true do-it-yourself wood options in the marketplace. "Nearly all wood products currently used in U.S. residential applications are unfinished. And they are not differentiated for ceiling applications. WoodHaven ceiling planks are designed specifically for use on ceilings and feature a pre-finished laminate surface."

The planks are constructed from medium-density fiberboard, an engineered wood known for its smooth surface, workability and resistance to warping, cracking and splitting. The planks' humidity and sag resistance make them especially well-suited for kitchens and baths. The ceiling planks are a great compliment to your wood floors.

Laminate ceiling planks install easily without the nails or finishing requirements of real wood. This greatly reduces installation time. The interlocking tongue-and-groove planks simply attach to wood joists or wood furring strips using installation clips that are provided with the planks.

No special tools are needed. The planks can be cut with standard hand, circular or saber saws. In addition, the convenient 78-inch length lends itself to a one-person installation, making it well suited for do-it-yourself applications.

Each package of WoodHaven laminate ceiling planks contains seven planks - enough material to cover 19 square feet of ceiling. All required installation materials are also included in each package, including clips, screws and screw bit. To obtain additional information on laminate ceiling planks, call (800) 233-3823 or visit www.armstrong.com.